Your Second Chance to Invest in Oil

There's a reason why oil is called black gold. Like bullion, it's difficult to find in large quantities, hard to get out of the ground, and - relative to all the people who want or need it - there never seems to be enough to go around. There's one key difference though: Bullion can be sliced, diced, melted, cooled and reused again. Oil? We just [...]

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The Fascination With Fibonacci – Trader’s Advantage

Fibonacci, not so much the man but the math, is pretty fascinating on its own apart from trading. To see how each number in the Fibonacci Sequence relates to each other in [...]

The Most Hated Asset Class

I've spent a lifetime pointing out potential risks - in our economy, in our real estate market and in our stock market. All too often, we pay only lip service to the [...]